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For Teacher Appreciation Week, I’d love for my former students to reply to this post and tell me how you are doing and what amazing things you are doing with your lives -even if I already know (school, job, career, family, etc..). I loved teaching and if you were my “kid” for a year…you are my “kid” for life. Some of y’all really are💯🥰

  • James Alexander – “Man I’m working taking care of my kids still boxing training run in the family” – 1d
  • Nelli Saynomoe – “Married wit 3 fur kids working still gotta pay them bills but always finding passion and happiness in my side hobbies. (fashion mostly/ photography)” – 1d
  • Euniece Robertson – “Moved to Texas, married with 4 kids, stay at home mom, hair braider and does contracting work with husband.” – 1d
  • Ron Thomas – “Still waiting on u to come back to the ISS room 🤣” – 1d
  • Ray Kerr – “Ron Thomas damn lil bruh, I forgot to tell you to go home…lmao” – 1d
  • Ron Thomas – “Ray Kerr done got grey hairs waiting for u 🤣” – 1d
  • Ray Kerr – “Ay Reecso Wells I hope he didn’t make them lil Rons in ISS…lmao” – 1d
  • Reecso Wells – “Ray Kerr 😂😂😂 I seen him yeah he did 😂😂😂” – 1d
  • Mercedes Brown – “Social Emotional Learning Interventionist been in education 8 years ❤️thank you for inspiring me” – 1d
  • Gio Vann – “I ain’t doin 💩 professor” – 1d
  • Terrance Strong – “Rich nomad” – 1d
  • Mauriell Lovejoy – “You been teaching me all my life I think the earliest lesson I can remember that you taught me was to never litter out of your car windows🥴 I’m currently a full time student at the community college working on my associates degree” – 1d
  • Ray Kerr – “Mauriell Lovejoy 🤣🤣🤣 I’m still serious about that $#*+…only thing I hate about Baltimore” – 1d
  • Mauriell Lovejoy – “Ray Kerr it was a freaking now and later paper for Christ sake🙄” – 1d
  • Mark Walker – “Working everyday providing for my family and doing the best I can👌🏾💪🏾” – 1d
  • Ray Kerr – “Mark Walker and I been seeing you lil bro…you showing out in the daddy category!” – 1d
  • Kanisha Pickett – “Yes sir I’m a wife a full time mother of 9 children 5 boys and 4 girls. The oldest is in the Navy and the latest one born April 4. Ages are 18,10,7,6,5,4,3,1 years and a 1 month old. I’m a Nurse that works at a Highschool. My kids laugh at the fact that I’ve played basketball.” – 1d
  • Ray Kerr – “Kanisha Pickett and was a superstar! Probably don’t jump as high as you used to though, huh?” – 1d
  • Kanisha Pickett – “Ray Kerr 😝 maybe…maybe not” – 1d
  • Erica Michelle – “Life is good – I don’t think I ever lost the skills you taught us in volleyball . I still got it ! 🏐” – 1d
  • Nedzib Mahmutović – “I’m just here to give you a heart attack pops 🤣🤣” – 1d
  • Ray Kerr – “Nedzib Mahmutović my son!!! I miss you dude!” – 1d
  • Nedzib Mahmutović – “Ray Kerr we miss you as well pops! Next time your in town, Irnes & myself taking you to grab some foreign food” – 1d
  • Alex Santiago – “I’m a mother. College Graduate. (3 Peat) A Nursing Professor. Advocate for Black Mothers and those affected with Sickle Cell Disease. Registered Nurse. 🫶🏾 Still a Hoodrat. 😭😭😭” – 1d
  • Nedzib Mahmutović – “Alex Santiago she forgot to mention fb comedian 🤣” – 1d
  • Alex Santiago – “Nedzib Mahmutović In my free time I love a good joke. 😭😂😂😂” – 1d
  • Ray Kerr – “KirKir Plasma, MD I definitely see you out there! Proud of you baby girl! You definitely showing out!” – 1d
  • Alex Santiago – “Ray Kerr You always spoke greatness into me