Our Commitment to a Brighter Missouri

“Make Missouri Blue Again” embodies a passionate commitment to transforming Missouri through unity, justice, and progress. Our mission is to create an inclusive state where equality, opportunity, and compassion prevail. We champion healthcare as a right, education as a pathway to dreams, and environmental stewardship for future generations. Powered by grassroots activism, this movement strives for a Missouri where every voice matters. Join us in advocating for policies that uplift everyone, building a community where diversity is our strength. Let’s lead Missouri toward a future defined by hope, equity, and collective well-being. REAM MORE

Blueprints for Progress

Our Key Initiatives

Operation Bright Start

Bright futures begin with quality care in the early years. Operation Bright Start aims to revolutionize child care in Missouri, making it accessible and affordable for all families. We are dedicated to increasing subsidies, incentivizing businesses to provide child care benefits, and building a robust network of facilities. Through this initiative, we not only support working parents but also invest in the professional growth of child care providers, ensuring every child in Missouri gets the bright start they deserve.

Missouri's Relief Basket

Missouri’s Relief Basket is our commitment to easing the financial burden on families. By proposing tax exemptions on food and hygiene products, we aim to ensure that the essentials aren’t a source of financial stress. This initiative is about giving back to Missourians, providing relief that can be felt in every grocery bill and every household, reinforcing our belief that taking care of the basics is not just policy, it’s our promise to you.

Guardians of Choice

Guardians of Choice champions the fundamental right to reproductive freedom. We are unwavering in our commitment to safeguarding abortion rights and ensuring access to comprehensive reproductive healthcare. This initiative stands for personal autonomy and the sanctity of individual choices, affirming our stance that healthcare decisions should remain between a person and their doctor, without governmental interference.

Pathways to Justice

Pathways to Justice is our blueprint for creating a fairer, more equitable criminal justice system. We’re advocating for the decriminalization of minor offenses, reforming cash bail, and supporting the expungement of records to give people a true second chance. Our goal is clear: to reduce recidivism, rehabilitate, and reintegrate, fostering a society where past mistakes pave the way for future opportunities.

Home for Every Heart

Home for Every Heart is our vision of a Missouri where affordable housing is a reality, not a rarity. This initiative focuses on funding affordable housing projects, revising zoning laws, and increasing housing vouchers. By creating a stable housing landscape, we’re building the foundation for healthier families, stronger communities, and a more vibrant state economy.

Harvesting Hope

Harvesting Hope is dedicated to eradicating food insecurity in Missouri. By enhancing SNAP, establishing community gardens, and expanding access to nutritious meals, we are sowing the seeds of change. Our initiative is committed to ensuring that no Missourian goes to bed hungry and that our children grow up with the nourishment they need to succeed.

Classrooms of Tomorrow

Classrooms of Tomorrow is focused on preparing our youth for the future. We are advocating for increased funding, smaller class sizes, and inclusive curricula that foster critical thinking and creativity. This initiative represents our commitment to empowering teachers, engaging parents, and inspiring students, making Missouri’s classrooms the stepping stones to innovation and success.

Healing Missouri

Healing Missouri is our pledge to make healthcare accessible to every citizen. By expanding Medicaid, supporting rural health initiatives, and bolstering mental health services, we aim to ensure comprehensive care for all. This initiative is about more than just treatment; it’s about promoting wellness, prevention, and the well-being of all communities across our state.

Safe Streets, Safe Missouri

Safe Streets, Safe Missouri is our action plan for reducing gun violence and enhancing public safety. We’re advocating for sensible gun laws, community intervention programs, and increased research into gun violence prevention. Our initiative is committed to respecting the rights of gun owners while implementing measures that protect our children, our streets, and our communities.